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Monday, March 5, 2012

#7 Bunker Construction Update

Drainage was completed on the back bunker of number 7 and prepped for the Better Billy Bunker system this past week.  Grades were shot and lines were trenched using our Dingo to ensure over 2% fall throughout the bunker. A thin layer of washed 8's gravel was then used in the bottom of each trench before using double walled 4-inch slotted drainpipe.  The same gravel was then used to fill in the rest of the trench.

Part of the setup process for the Better Billy Bunker is to apply a 2.5 inch layer of the washed 8's gravel to serve as the base before the product is applied.  Grading stakes were marked at the correct depth and placed throughout the bunker during dispersal.  Once completed, the gravel base was raked to ensure the proper shape of the final grade.  

Stayed tuned for more updates as the project comes close to wrapping up.