We developed this blog to provide golf course maintenance information to our members. From projects, small and large, to updates on course conditions, we want to provide as much information as possible. Although we hope this blog answers all of the pertinent questions regarding our operation, we always welcome more personalized dialogue. If you have questions beyond the information found on this blog, feel free to contact our golf course superintendent, Trevor Hedgepeth.



Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Winter Projects Update 3-16-2016

Over the past week, the construction crew has wrapped up all of their work on each project site. Chris Kelly and Landscapes Unlimited did a great job throughout the course. Now that the heavy lifting is over, our maintenance crew has been very busy laying sod. We have been laying 2-3 trucks per day for the past 7 days straight. All in all, we are about 95% complete with each of the projects. 

The 6th tee grassed and rolled. 

The 6th tee looking down the fairway. 

The 3rd tee box grassed and rolled. 

The 3rd tee looking down the fairway. 

The 9th fairway has been grassed and rolled. 

We expanded the approach behind the 6th green. 

Creek work on #18 finished and 75% grassed. 

The hill side on #16 is cleaned, graded and ready for grass. 

The completed bunker complex on the 12th hole. We will add sand next week. 

The 12th hole bunker complex from the tee. 

A side view of the 11th hole fairway project. 

We are adding a rock weir/bridge to the cleaned up creek on #11. 

#11 fairway expansion from the tee. We have seeded the bare area in the foreground to fine fescue. 

Looking down the fairway from the new tee on #11. 

Reverse angle of the 9th fairway project. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Winter Projects Update 3-9-16

With some warm, dry weather, both the construction team and Kinloch's staff have been busy finishing projects and adding turf. Although we have a lot of work still to do, we can see the finish Line!!!

New Bunker Complex on 12 about 50% grassed

Closer view of #12 

New walk bridge/dam being built on #11 

Expanded fairway on #11 is grassed 

View of expanded landing area on #11 

Creek on #11 tee being grassed 

Another view of the fine Fescue on #11 creek 

New back tee on #6 is complete 

Closer view of #6 tee 

#3 tees will be finished soon 

Creek area on #10/18 is cleaned up and ready for grass 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Winter Projects Update 3-3-2016

We are happy to report that sod is going down on many of the projects.  Project areas are getting their final grade and they are rounding out nicely.  

After #3 tee tops were finished we added new lines of Tall and Fine Fescue.  The Fine Fescue will add a nice element of texture.

We continue the same principle here on #6 tee with the Fescue lines.

We have finished laying fairway sod on #9.  The open area you see will be the new intermediate line.

This is the continuation of #10 creek and will channel through #18 fairway.  

We have sodded around #11 tee with Tall Fescue, and will have Fine Fescue sweeping around.  The Bentgrass Tee top will be coming soon.

We have started laying sod on #11 fairway, and we will finish the area off with intermediate and Fescues.

This will be an extension of #11 fairway and give the creek a finished look.

We have started sodding the left side of #12 fairway, and will shortly be finishing the right side.