We developed this blog to provide golf course maintenance information to our members. From projects, small and large, to updates on course conditions, we want to provide as much information as possible. Although we hope this blog answers all of the pertinent questions regarding our operation, we always welcome more personalized dialogue. If you have questions beyond the information found on this blog, feel free to contact our golf course superintendent, Trevor Hedgepeth.



Monday, February 22, 2016

Winter Projects Update 2-22-2016

Despite some frequent rain, freezing/thawing and snow over the past two weeks, the course improvement projects have continued onward. We are even starting to put some turf back on selected sites. The photos below give a nice update and show some great progress. 

 The right-side fairway expansion on #9 is coming along nicely. All of the heavy shaping is complete and drainage has been installed. Once the irrigation is in place, we will begin sodding. 

From another angle: the 9th fairway project. 

The teeing surfaces on #3 have been grassed. 

We have started grassing the new bunker complex on #12. 

A side-view of #12 bunkers. 

We have started grassing the new fairway bunker on #11. 

The new back tee on #11 has been constructed and irrigated. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Winter Projects Update 2-9-2016

Despite the heavy snow at the end of January and seemingly daily rain showers, our winter project productivity has churned on. Here is an updated photo gallery of each project in its current state.

The gravel layer installed in the green side bunkers on #15.

Side view of #12 fairway bunker complex. 

Tee view of #12 fairway bunker complex. 

Panoramic photo of #11 right side fairway expansion. 

#11 right side fairway expansion 

This view shows how much #11 right fairway will be widened. 

View from the new back tee on #11 

Sod stripped for the fairway shaping on the upper right side of #9. 

View from the back tee complex on #3 

View from the back tee complex on #6 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Winter Projects Update 2-2-2016

Once the tee box is graded and drained, the root-zone mix is added at a depth of 6". The particular mix that we chose is made up of over 30% organic material. This mix, while draining too slowly for greens construction is perfect for a tee box. Not too wet, but very little hand-watering required. 

Aside from tee construction, we have also been working on the 12th fairway bunker complex. 
In the foreground of the photo below, you can see drain pipes. Those pipes were where the old bunkers were located prior to the project. 

Another shot of the new bunker versus the location of the old bunkers. 

Shaping the backside ridge-line that will allow the new bunkers to be visible from the tee. 

Close-up of the new bunkers "roughed" in.