We developed this blog to provide golf course maintenance information to our members. From projects, small and large, to updates on course conditions, we want to provide as much information as possible. Although we hope this blog answers all of the pertinent questions regarding our operation, we always welcome more personalized dialogue. If you have questions beyond the information found on this blog, feel free to contact our golf course superintendent, Trevor Hedgepeth.



Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Update on Garden Construction

Construction continues on the fruit and vegetable garden at Kinloch.  While the wet weather has delayed construction of the fence, planting boxes are being built above ground and will house composed soil for ideal growing conditions.  Mulch is placed between the boxes to provide space to water, trim, and harvest the plants.  Stay tuned for further updates as progress continues.

Monday, February 25, 2013

11 Creek Project

Over the past several weeks we have been working on improving the creek on 11. 

During the last year, the dams on the 11th hole have been compromised.  Water would begin to run under or around the dams, causing silt build up in the creek.  It also caused uneven water flow and contributed to an unattractive creek.  Pictured below is an example of this problem. 

 Currently, we are in the process of reclaiming and shaping the area near the cart path by removing mud and adding good soil with the mini excavator.  The following pictures show our current progress with reshaping and grading.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Horticulturist Benson Marshall

Kinloch Golf Club is proud to introduce our new horticulturist, Benson Marshall.  Benson has been a horticulturist in the Richmond area for over 15 years.  Most recently, he has come to us from The Virginia Historical Society, where he spent 12 years as a grounds manager. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Construction Begins on the New Vegetable Garden

As winter progresses along, the maintenance staff has begun preparations for this year’s vegetable garden.  Due to last year’s success with our small scale plots, we have decided to expand the garden to nearly 10,000 sq ft.  This will provide ample room to implement a season long growing and harvesting schedule.

Work has begun on grading the existing garden as well as the area around it in order to provide proper water runoff.  In addition, drainage will be installed in case of larger rains and continuously wet conditions.  In order to provide proper conditions for growing, sub-ground irrigation will be installed.  Plants will be cultivated in raised beds which will allow for ideal soil conditions for growth.

The following pictures show the beginnings of the grade work on the new garden area.  Stay tuned for more pictures.

Friday, February 1, 2013

2013 Virginia Turfgrass Council trade show

On Tuesday, January 29, the Kinloch assistants attended the Virginia Turfgrass Council’s annual conference in Fredericksburg. During the visit, they attended several educational seminars to further their knowledge of the turfgrass industry in the state of Virginia.  These educational seminars included; the USGA Year in Review presented by Mr. Keith Happ and Mr. Darin Bevard of the USGA, Fungicides for Heat-Stressed Bentgrass presented by Dr. Bruce Martin of Clemson University, Plant Healthcare products presented by Dr. Erik Ervin and Mr. David McCall of Virginia Tech, and a presentation about Environmental Golf Course design presented by Mr. Glenn Muckley of Williamsburg Environmental Group.   After the conclusion of the education programs, they were able to tour the annual trade show and learn about the newest technologies within the golf course maintenance industry.