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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Walk Path and Int. Cut Renovation

We wanted to give everyone some insight into how we went about renovating the walk paths and Intermediate Cuts around the golf course. As we talked about in an earlier post, we have sprayed all of these areas with Tenacity to eliminate bentgrass. We also sprayed any common bermudagrass in these areas with a new product that we have been testing through the summer months.
The process then started with our disc seeder making two passes through the walkpaths and intermediates dropping seed along the way.
We can't get as tight to the fairway line as we like with this piece of equipment, so we follow up with aerifiers. these aerifiers are poking holes on very tight centers approximately half an inch deep.
Drop seeders are then used on all walk paths and intermediates to ensure perfect coverage.
Starter fertilizer is then applied and all areas are watered-in. We will continue to keep these areas moist and in the next seven days we will see great germination. We will touch up any areas that need additional seed at the end of next week, and then we will begin to mow the new seedlings.