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Friday, January 11, 2013

Fairway Aerification/Topdressing

Fairway Aerification/Topdressing

This winter we will be continuing our fairway aerification and topdressing program. This process includes, deep tining the fairways, coring the fairways, dragging the plugs, collecting the plugs with our large vacuum, topdressing, and finally dragging the sand into the cored holes. We start this important process during every off-season to improve air flow, and relieve soil compaction, which then leads to better rooting for the fairways during the year. The topdressing helps fill in the holes left behind, which decreases the recovery time. In addition, the sand helps provide a firmer, well draining surface to play on. We have seen incredible results over the past twelve years amending our heavy clay soils. The infiltration rates, percolation rates, and playability at all times of year has improved immensely.

 The following photos show the process in action: