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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Big Putter Sinkhole

On March 20th, while preparing the golf course for daily play, a small sinkhole was discovered by the maintenance staff on the large practice green.  While not nearly as severe as those sinkholes that made the news recently in Florida and Illinois, it still presented a tripping hazard for golfers crossing the green.

The area was roped off with caution tape and work began immediately.  Very carefully, the turf was removed and set aside.  The rootzone layer was then removed and saved, along with the gravel layer underneath.  What remained was a hole in the subsoil surface.

After digging down to the subsoil, it was discovered that the problem was an old tree stump that had decomposed over time.  With constant foot and equipment traffic, the area sunk and caused a visible depression in the green surface.  The maintenance staff was able to remove the decomposed material, which extended down 36 inches on the main trunk with an additional 6-10 inches roots extending from the sides.

The area was then backfilled and leveled with the existing subsoil grade.  The gravel layer was then replaced, followed by the rootzone mix. In the end, the turf was replaced and leveled, allowing a great putting surface for the next day's golfers.