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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Continuous Rain has Left Fairway Sections Underwater

Water has been standing in the fairways at Kinloch for 3 days straight.  We have accumulated over 4 inches of rain since Sunday, and have seen very little sun.  

Over the last several days, you may have seen the maintenance staff using the deep tines and squeegees in the fairway swales to try and move some of the water into the basins.  Similarly to humans, bentrgass cannot survive without oxygen, so at this point, anything we can do to alleviate this stress can help.  Shown below are photo of the previously described method. 

In addition to the deep tine, the maintenance staff is using fairway mowers to push water towards basins in the fairway.  Shown below are photos of this process. A video of this process can be seen here.