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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Winter Practice Area Maintence

Every winter we limit practice on certain areas which include; main practice tee, short game fairway, back tee and par 3 practice area.  These areas close following Thanksgiving and reopen shortly after spring aerification.  Doing this allows for divot recovery and gives the turf a break from new injury.  This time period also allows us to do other necessary maintenance.

While these areas are closed Kinloch’s maintenance staff are doing practices such as; verticutting, core aerifying, and topdressing.  These processes help to improve playability of our practice areas throughout the season, and allow for great conditions upon reopening all facilities in the spring.  The timing of these practices allow for all our focus of spring aerification to be on the course. 

We are also using this time period to convert the Par 3 practice green to a true putting surface.  Over the last month we have stripped all the sod from the target green, and have used it for sodding out collars contaminated with rye grass.  We have recently installed three different varieties of bentgrass sod; L-93, A1-A4, and 007 on the target green.  Kinloch’s greens are currently L-93, while A1-A-4, and 007 are popular newer cultivars of bentgrass.  We will be using this area as a test plot to see how the newer cultivars react to our environment and maintenance practices.  This green will also now resemble the playability of the greens on the golf course and will allow for realistic reaction to pitch shots and full wedge shots.