We developed this blog to provide golf course maintenance information to our members. From projects, small and large, to updates on course conditions, we want to provide as much information as possible. Although we hope this blog answers all of the pertinent questions regarding our operation, we always welcome more personalized dialogue. If you have questions beyond the information found on this blog, feel free to contact our golf course superintendent, Trevor Hedgepeth.



Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Winter Training Sessions

As the winter wears on, we are faced with almost daily frost/freeze delays. Although these mornings present a great opportunity to knock out shop cleanings, equipment polishes and play supply refurbishments... we also use these mornings to conduct 30-45 minute training sessions with our staff. We believe in these sessions because they promote:

1. Good cross-communication with our staff
2. Invaluable training
3. Our dedication to attention to detail
4. Our assistants as leaders and mentors to the staff

We delegate one morning to each assistant. The assistant is free to determine the topic of the morning. For example, last week, we covered: Greens Mowing Techniques, Fairway Mowing Techniques, Bunker Maintenance and Cart/Tool Cleanliness.

These sessions allow our staff to provide feedback while being reinforced on how to do things at the highest level. Also, it gives the guys a break from the repetitive cold that they face every morning. But above all else, it shows our staff that we, as a management team, are dedicated to great conditions. The winter can be a time where intensity dissipates. We believe that these meetings, while truly offering solid fundamentals, continues to build our intensity throughout the off-season.