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Friday, February 3, 2017

New Walk Trail To #2 Tees

Over the years, the walking trail between the 1st green and 2nd tee has been problematic. Between shade and poor drainage, the grass on this trail has always succumbed to traffic stress over the course of the golf season. In fact, many times in late fall, especially after a rain event, it became not only unsightly, but oftentimes impassable. So, as part of multiple off-season projects, we decided to re-build this trail as a hybrid grass/stone path. Below there are pictures that walk you through the project. The final product is an aesthetically pleasing and sustainable walking trail that should hold up to moisture and the rigors of traffic. 

Step 1: Clear the existing material, lay a base layer (2-3") of drainage sand

Step 2: Lay out the paver stones in the pattern we designed  

Step 3: Recess the paver stones below grade by 1-2" 

Step 4: Sod in between the stones to create a "broken stone" look

One of the main goals with this project was to merge functionality and aesthetics. By choosing a more informal stone design, we believe we have achieved this goal. We hope our members and guests appreciate the improvement to this area.