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Saturday, July 1, 2017

New Face on an Old Adversary

Example of a 'fried egg' lie

Recently at Kinloch Golf Club we have adopted a new style of maintaining bunkers, often referred to as the ‘Aussie method’. Our goal is to address and eliminate the occurrence of a ‘fried egg’ when a player’s ball lands on a bunkers edge and sinks into the sand, leaving them with a bad lie.

This new method involves using a squeegee/roller to roll the bunker edges smooth, compacting the sand and over time creating a hard layer to allow the ball to roll off the face easily. Kinloch staff first hand-water the bunker faces, then using their roller, gently smooth the edges of the face until a uniform look is achieved. Once the edges are completed, the staff member rakes the center of the bunker to smooth out any foot traffic.

New bunker style

An added bonus, the bunkers smooth face helps funnel rainfall down to the center, reducing the effect of sand wash-outs and moderately reducing the labor required to repair bunkers after heavy rainfall.