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Monday, January 18, 2016

Winter Projects Update 1-18-2016

#12 Fairway Bunker(s) Renovation 

We began by removing all of the sod within the construction limits. We also removed all of the existing sand in the bunkers. The removed sand was transported to our range traps. It was very clean and in great condition, so using it elsewhere was an easy decision. 


Sod removal in progress. 2 sod cutters and 5-6 staff members cut, rolled and removed about 22,000 square feet in 10 hours. 

Irrigation heads being removed and capped at the lateral service tee. Should we not impact the pipe, we can re-attach the head. Otherwise, we will trench new pipe wherever disturbed. 

 All of the sod in rolls, ready to be moved. We were dealing with freezing nights so we cut and rolled until dark. The next morning, when the ground was frozen, we were able to move the sod off-site.